Patients initially come to my office because they are experiencing pain. This painful condition has either come on suddenly, as in a trauma or gradually over time. When this pain has affected their ability to work, limit their social life or stop their workouts, they usually had enough and are ready to start a treatment program. Our goals in this phase is to decrease pain and improve function.

By using a number of cutting edge treatment techniques and modalities that are designed to work together. We offer a range of select therapies which are customized to your specific condition.

Completing phase one will help get you out of pain. However, in my experience, there are underlying reasons why your pain first began. In this phase we begin to look at the why behind your pain began. How is your posture. Are your ears in line with your shoulders, hips and ankles. Are your shoulders and hip on the same level. Do your knees cave in or bow out. Are your feet flat or caved in? We'll also look at muscular imbalances, your stress levels and which exercises you're doing or not performing correctly. Corrective actions can then be implemented to reverse these complicating factors.

This is were we begin work on developing optimized function. This phase is optional, many patients who have become pain-free, improved their posture and corrected their muscular imbalances wish to go further into enhancing their human performance. Comprehensive blood work and urine hormone testing is performed. This data is used to customized workouts, diet and 

supplements specifically for you to reach your goals

Michael A. Selvitella, DC,

Living An Healthy, Active High-Performance Life