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Struggling with Poor Health, Low Energy & High Stress



Discover the Strategies to Peak Performance & Optimal Health

Live Longer, Be Fit and Look Great Doing It!

Cutting edge health science has shown that the diseases of aging such as Heart Disease, Strokes, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis and Osteoporosis begin much earlier in the body than thought and can be prevented.

Just as important, much of it can be reversed!

Yes! You heard that right. Aging can be reversed. There's your chronological age which is your actual age and there's a second age that looks at how your body is functioning. We are calling this your biological age. Its measured by utilizing a number of specific labs and functional testing. These are known as Biomarkers. Here's the best news...

What can be measured, can be managed!

Mountain biking

Proactive Optimal Health and Performance Program Designed To Restore Your Health and Vitality!

  • Dramatically Improve Your Long-Term Health

  • Restore Your Metabolism

  • Lose Weight

  • Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease

  • Cut Body Fat

  • Quality Sleep

  • Improve Strength

  • Maximize Energy 

  • Boost Immunity


Maximize Your Health & Longevity

Nutritional Optimization Learning how to eat properly is the key to optimizing your nutrition program. This protocol isn't a diet. By incorporating the correct ratio of macronutrients to fuel your body, you gain energy, you improve your weight and you improve your health. Blood work, urine analysis and DNA testing are available to accessed your biometrics for those looking to optimal health and performance.  

Movement Quality: Movement is a key factor in living a long healthy life. I prefer to use the word PLIABILITY because its not just about flexility or exercise. Pliability is important in that it's about how your body to move through its full range of motion pain-free and strong. Strength training for longevity is about building vitality and being able to function in higher capacity. Aerobic exercise has massive health benefits in fat loss and heart & lung health.

Longevity Lifestyle: The longevity lifestyle incorporates many aspects of daily life that go on in and around your world that has major affects on your health. We look at a number of factors that contribute to a decline in your healthspan such as stress, poor quality of sleep, systemic inflammation, insomnia, decreased oxygen utilization and toxic overload. 

Start Living Your Ageless High-Performance Life

Start Here!

Click here and apply for a free 15 minute no-obligation consultation with Dr. Mike to discover what is stopping you from experiencing peak performance!

Essentials Longevity Program $1497

Discover What You Can Feel Like In 90 Days From Right Now!

Health & Longevity Assessments: Questionnaires used to determine a base-line on where you are today so goals can be set and monitor along your way.

Blood, Urine & DNA Tests: Functional blood, urine and DNA testing are performed to assess your biometrics. What gets measured improves. (Additional Costs Will be Applied)

Flexibility/Strength Program: Professionally designed routine to get you moving again in the right direction.

Essential Longevity Nutrition: Customized Meal plan specifically designed to meet your goals. Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Low Glycemic

E-Mails: Weekly follow ups and quick questions that need short answers.

6 X 30 Minute Zoom Calls: Meet with Dr. Mike on either Zoom, Skype or a phone call with Doc Mike to discuss your progress, answer any questions and review your biometrics from your Oura Ring, Garmin or Whoop device.


I'm Ready, Let's Get This Scheduled!

Michael A. Selvitella, DC

Living An Healthy, Ageless High-Performance Life
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