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Michael A. Selvitella, DC, CCSP
Living An Healthy, Active High-Performance Life

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Mike Selvitella, D.C., CCSP, CES, PES


                                                      "I believe that your ability to lead a pain-free, active, high performance life is well                                                             within your reach. If you have been side-lined because of pain, whether acute or                                                             chronic in nature, hoping it will go away, I'm here to tell you, that is no way to live!"


                                                      Take that first step now. Regain your active lifestyle with less pain, improved function                                                       and the ability to live your life to way you have always dreamed! 

                                                             As a Chiropractic Sports Physician and a Exercise/Rehabilitation Specialist,

                                                             Dr Selvitella is an expert in Function Movement Correction, Fascial Movement                                                                         Taping and  Dry Needling as treatment methods improve recovery and reduce time                                                                  away from your sport for rehab.


                                                              Dr Selvitella has been passionate about helping people develop fitness and return                                                                 to their active lifestyle after injury for over 30 years.


   “I have continued with my fitness routine throughout the years, even expanding it for a few years while I competed in a number of triathlons,100 mile bike rides and I obtained a 5th Degree Black Belt in the 900 year old martial art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.


 In my practice, as well as in my life, fitness, health and nutrition have always been my main focuses in helping my patients not only get out of pain and back to their sport or active lifestyle but to truly develop their optimum strength and vitality.

My treatment philosophy is based on what I call the 3 R's.

  • Recuperate: Help repair damaged soft tissue. 

  • Restore: Improve joint mobility and tissue flexibility.

  • Revitalize: Rehabilitate joint stability and strength through corrective exercise.

My mission is to help patients improve their athletic performance, eliminate aches and stiff joints and remain injury free for life. By focusing on the Three R’s (Recuperate, Restore and Revitalize, patients will experience Improved Posture, Flexibility and Performance.”


Each patient and their condition is unique and therefore requires a specific  customized treatment plan. Progression is attained by meeting goals for each phase of treatment.


So, if your goals are to get rid of the aches and pains and the limited range of motions that are holding you back from living your personal Ageless High-Performance Life 

I can help you!

Leading a healthy, ageless high-performance life!!!


Mike Selvitella, DC, CES, PES



Michael A. Selvitella, DC

Living An Healthy, Ageless High-Performance Life
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