Michael A. Selvitella, DC, CCSP
Living An Healthy, Active High-Performance Life

Are You Looking to restore your energy? Regain your health and revitalize your life!

Start Living A Healthy, Active High Performance Life

Join a community of like-minded people just like you who work with me 

to achieve Peak Performance in 3 months or less!

Are You Ready To Start Living! 



This 90-Day Personal Transformational Program Will Revolutionize Your Life 

My 12-Week intensive online health coaching program. It is designed to help highly motivated individuals, business owners, CEO's, entrepreneurs and former athletes who feel that they have lost their health, fitness and vitality. If you are seeking to improve your health, increase your energy, boost your vitality and live a life of high performance you are at the right place. 

Most entrepreneurs, business owners and CEO's live busy lives. Over time, many observe their waist lines grow, their fitness level diminish and their health decline!

Have you been experiencing the growing list of symptoms listed below?


         Decreased Energy

         Decreased Sleep

         Poor Diet

         Aches & Pains

         Loss of Muscle

         Increased Body Fat

Work with me as we'll go through a Tri-Phasic process to

Restore the Alpha within You!

The benefits of joining Restore the Alpha online coaching group are profound. My patients are able to achieve the lifestyle they desire through the use of online physical and laboratory assessments, prescribe corrective exercises, instructions on soft tissue mobilization, specific diet templates and goal specific exercise routines.

 Exceptional Health

Increased Fitness

Specific Nutrition

Improved Sleep


Enhanced Recuperation

Since I started in practice, I've been asked on numerous occasions what does it mean to live a high-performance life. My responses have changed over the years because I feel that my level of life experences have grown and that I believe that learning is a life long process and should never end. 

Patients initially seek my care when pain is interferring with their life. Once their symptoms are under control it is then that they realize its just the beginning to true wellness and living a high-performance life.

Michael A. Selvitella, DC, CCSP

Living An Healthy, Active High-Performance Life

If you need any additional information or would like to book an appointment please feel free to contact me.

Michael A. Selvitella, DC, CCSP

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